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PROJECT 2020 Enchanted country

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art – Los Angeles, CA

One of the very first places to showcase digital art, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art has rapidly grown into one of the most respected and quality museums for digital art and artists. The Center supports artists of all forms and just moved into a bigger space to accommodate a larger collection. This isn’t just a stuffy museum, but a center that is dedicated to showcasing every type of digital art through any means necessary.

Just Go See

The Los Angeles Center of Digital Art is not the National Gallery of Art. It doesn’t have millions of works in its collection, so you should probably just try to see all of it. If you want to use the Internet to check out some of the more inspired creations from their featured artists do so, just don’t forget to stop in and check out one of their exhibitions where you will see a diverse range of digital arts in different forms of media.

Follow on Twitter: @LACDA

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